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Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders

Mood is a psychological term which defines the emotional state of a person at a certain time. As humans we experience various emotions and moods triggered by different events in our lives. For example, in times of crisis such as losing a job, being diagnosed with a serious illness, or losing someone close to us, we may feel deep sorrow and our outlook on life can become very negative. Conversely, when we pass an important exam, reunite with someone after a long separation, or achieve something we wanted very badly, we generally feel happy and excited and our perspective on life brightens.

In the aftermath of traumatic experiences, or during periods of crisis, we may observe that our emotional state doesn't change regardless of new events and occurrences in our lives. We may feel an urge to cry for no reason; find it difficult to start the day; tire easily during daily activities; struggle with relationships; or have an impulse to run away and hide. Alternatively we may suddenly become excited for no reason or experience feelings of restlessness when taking on big projects or during periods of being active and social. These kind of feelings can be signs of psychological strain and it would be best to consult a psychotherapist before symptoms worsen.

If you experience intense emotions of sorrow or happiness, or fluctuate between the two, in a way which may be severely disrupting your life, our team at Face to Face Therapia can help. By talking through your changing emotions with one of our trained therapists you will come to understand your feelings, and be better able to deal with them. 

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