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Didem Sağıroğlu

Didem Sağıroğlu

Didem Sağıroğlu, graduated from Robert College in 1988. She completed her university degree at Boğaziçi University Psychology Department with honors in 1992. She entered counseling field by completing Bahçeşehir University Career Development and Counseling program, followed by living abroad in India and UAE for six years as expatriate spouse. Upon her return, she studied at Virginia Satir Human Development and Family Therapy Institute in İstanbul and graduated from couples and family therapy program. She is a full member of the European Family Therapy Training Institutes (EFTA-TIC), Family Counseling Certified by the Turkish Ministry of Education, and it is a joint program with Satir Institute of the Pacific based in Vancouver, Canada.

In psychotherapy she utilizes mainly Satir based approach of experiential and growth-oriented model. She can work with individuals, couples or families as a therapy unit. She can do therapy in Turkish and English. The goal of therapy is to recognize the problem in terms of how it becomes the problem; to become responsible for change and create options for resolution.

Examples of the areas that may be covered in therapy are:

In individual therapy; inability to decide, to feel distant to family, not to recognize one’s feelings, affects of the past to present and the wish to end it, inability to give up the bad habits, difficulties in coping with trauma or loss.

In couples therapy; failure to express problems to your partner, failing in problem solving, wider family issues, not accepting individual differences, issues in trust, violence, infidelity,

In family therapy; increase in problems among parents and children, decrease in communication and cooperation, parental role conflicts, adaptation difficulties, family support in addiction and similar issues.

She is a member of the Couple and Family Therapies Association (ÇATED) since 2015. She has participated in various seminars such as addiction, sexuality and mindfulness in the field of mental health. For over a year, she has been providing voluntary therapy services to clients who applies with complaints at an NGO training center in Istanbul. She is currently receiving supervision to become a clinical member of the European Family Therapists Association (EFTA). 

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