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Naciye Ersözlü Çitil

Naciye Ersözlü Çitil

I have finished my M.A. in Clinical Psychology in California, U.S.A. The graduate program I have attended was focused on Marriage and Family Therapy. During my internship I had a chance to work with couples, families and individuals in New Beginnings Counseling Center and with substance addicts in Prototypes Women’s Center. I have been seeing a similar client profile since I returned to Turkey nine years ago.  

In recent years, I have focused on clients with addiction problems and observed that marriage and family counselling increases the effectiveness of addiction therapy. Between 2012 and 2013 I served as a Clinical Psychologist at Balıklı Rum Hospital Anatolia 1 Addiction Service and had a chance to include the families and spouses into the therapy process. The positive results I have obtained in almost all cases confirmed my observation.

In 2015-2016 I was a clinical director in Avcılar Belediye Baskanlıgı C4 Recovery Solutions Counseling and Follow up Center. 

Although I prefer the Psychodynamic Approach in general, I should admit that I am quite impressed by the methods of Latin American psychotherapist Salvador Minuchin in the case of family counselling. The similarities and common aspects between Latin American and Turkish families have a part in my positive impression. 

I believe that the discovery of the distressful points of a family structure and the problems these points seem to lead is a very special journey for both the therapist and the family.  For me, replacing whatever is not functioning in the structure (or the system) with a new and functioning element and witnessing how a family tries this new element and gets satisfactory results forms the climax of this breathtaking journey. 

In the case of couples therapy I in general adopt an Emotionally Focused Therapy. I find it very effective, fruitful and meaningful to support each member of a couple in the process of admitting and understanding his/her own feelings and getting ready to share them open heartedly with each other. 

I have developed an interest in helping LGBTT individuals as an intern and I continue providing counselling services to them voluntarily. I am quite concerned with the problems they encounter in Turkey and I feel lucky to know some members of the LGBTT community at Kadın Kapısı.

Currently I teach in both undergraduate, graduate level and supervise. 

Qualifications as a Psychotherapist
-A good command of Psychodynamic Approach
-A good command of Marriage and Family Therapy Methods
-Experience in Substance and Alcohol Addiction Therapy
-Trauma Informed Therapy
-Experience in Group Therapy
-Experience in helping adults with sexual identity issues
-Sensitivity to issues concerning diversity
-Experience in Somatic Therapy (from the viewpoints of Hakomi, Gestalt and Mindfulness)

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