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Naciye Ersözlü Çitil

Naciye Ersözlü Çitil

I completed my M.A. in Clinical Psychology in California, U.S.A. My graduate programme focused on Marriage and Family Therapy. During my internship I had a chance to work with couples, families and individuals in New Beginnings Counseling Center and with substance addicts in Prototypes Women’s Center. I have been seeing a similar client profile since my return to Turkey seven years ago.       

During my work with clients with addiction problems, I have observed that marriage and family counselling hugely increases the effectiveness of addiction therapy. Between 2012 and 2013 I worked as a Clinical Psychologist at Balıklı Rum Hospital Anatolia 1 Addiction Service, and had a chance to include families and spouses in the therapy process. The positive results I obtained in almost all cases confirmed my belief in the benefits of this combined approach.      

In 2015-2016 I was a clinical director in Avcılar Belediye Başkanlığı C4 Recovery Solutions Counseling and Follow up Center. 

Although I favour the Psychodynamic Approach in general, I have found Salvador Minuchin's methods very helpful in the case of family counselling. Minuchin is a Latin American psychotherapist and the cultural similarities shared by Latin American and Turkish families would help explain the effectiveness of his methods here in Turkey.     

In my opinion, discovering the sources of stress within a family structure, and the problems these 'stress points' lead to, is a special journey for both therapist and family. For me, replacing whatever is not functioning in the structure (or the system) with a new and functioning element, and witnessing families being transformed by putting these methods into practice, is the climax of an inspiring journey.      

In the case of couples therapy, I generally adopt an Emotionally Focused Approach. This means supporting both partners through the difficult but meaningful process of admitting and understanding their own feelings, and getting ready to share them with each other unreservedly.      

I developed an interest in helping LGBTT individuals as an intern and I continue to providing counselling services to them voluntarily. I am concerned with the problems they encounter in Turkey and I feel lucky to know some members of the LGBTT community at Kadın Kapısı.      

I am currently attending a Ph.D. programme and teaching in both undergraduate and graduate level.

Qualifications as a Psychotherapist:  
- A good command of the Psychodynamic Approach 
- A good command of Marriage and Family Therapy Methods 
- Experience in Substance and Alcohol Addiction Therapy 
- Experience in Group Therapy 
- Experience in helping adults with sexual identity issues 
- Sensitivity to issues concerning diversity 
- Experience in Somatic Therapy (from the viewpoints of Hakomi, Gestalt and Mindfulness)

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