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Sexual Dysfunction and Treatment of Sexual Disorders

Sexual Dysfunction and Treatment of Sexual Disorders

Many people are embarrassed to talk about sex and share sexual problems. However, nearly everybody experiences a sexual problem at least once in their lifetime. It's important to acknowledge an issue and take positive steps to solve it. Sexual dysfunction isn't anyone's 'fault', but a problem that involves both people in a relationship. For this reason, couples attend Sexual therapy sessions together. By examining the underlying dynamics of a relationship, and addressing any hidden issues, sexual therapy helps both to resolve the sexual dysfunction and improve the relationship overall. 

In which situations do I need Sexual therapy?

As everyone experiences sexual issues from time to time, a sexual problem needs to be persistent and upsetting to require treatment. Problems that occur infrequently or arise out of a specific situation don't usually require therapy. Furthermore, biological causes for sexual dysfunction should be investigated before seeking therapy. 

How many sessions do I need to solve my sexual problem?

Sexual therapy usually requires at least 12 sessions but this can vary depending on factors such as a partner’s motivation, resistance to therapy, and the strength of the relationship. Although treatment is very structured, its duration and frequency can differ from person to person because of the importance of understanding and working on the dynamics of a relationship. 

What is sexual dysfunction? 

Sexual dysfunction describes a situation in which difficulty or discomfort is experienced by an individual or a couple in a sexual context. Whether for biological or psychological reasons, the person concerned isn't ready for sexual activity. Common sexual disorders include: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of desire, anorgasmia, sexual aversion disorder, erotomania, dyspareunia (seen in men); vaginismus, sexual arousal disorder, sexual aversion disorder, anorgasmia, dyspareunia, nymphomania, lack of desire (seen in women). 

Treatment of sexual disorders 

Sexual therapy is a structured treatment. Psychodynamic therapy - helping clients uncover and understand any problematic deep-rooted feelings in order to resolve them - is combined with homework assignments. Investigating each individual's family dynamics and their relationship with their sexual partner is a very important component of Sexual therapy. The aim of treatment is to determine the reasons for the dysfunction, and to resolve any issues both through therapy sessions and encouraging partners to solve the problem together by doing homework assignments simultaneously. Sexual therapy is a specialised form of couples therapy.

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