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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy focuses on the dynamics of two or more people who are in conflict over a specific issue or experiencing highly charged emotional differences. Couples typically seek therapy when they are having emotional problems in their relationship that they are finding difficult to resolve on their own.

The most common problems encountered by couples are: a lack of trust, issues with intimacy, lack of sexual desire, infidelity, communication difficulties and a fear of commitment.

Couples with these difficulties can become stuck in mutually destructive patterns of behaviour. Relationship therapy allows partners to start communicating again, and to learn how to interact in a way that will help them resolve the problems putting such strain on their relationship. 

Couples therapy addresses the tension found in any long-term intimate relationship - that is, the tension between the needs of each of the individuals and the needs of the partnership they aspire to. This tension and its management are at the centre of any personal relationship. It is particularly powerful in an intimate partnership as the relationship is likely to be seen by the couple as central to their lives. 

Treatment focuses on building communication skills, dealing with blame and accusations, and resolving conflict. 

People in relationships of all kinds can benefit from relationship therapy including:

• those considering marriage or a civil partnership,
• those living together, 
• individuals whose partners are being unfaithful,
• parents and children, siblings of all ages, adult children and extended family members etc,
• co-workers, employers and employees, and relationships where power dynamics play a crucial role.

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