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Psychological trauma can be caused by a single incident such as an accident or violent attack, or prolonged experiences such as domestic violence, bullying, events in war, childhood abuse or rape. Traumatic events, whether they have occurred recently or in the distant past, can severely affect someone's life. Individuals who have experienced trauma are often left with a variety of painful symptoms such as: nightmares, anxiety, depression, flashbacks, intrusive memories, fear, and feelings of numbness. In the aftermath of the traumatic event, these individuals may have difficulty trusting other people and feel disconnected from themselves and others.

Recovering from trauma usually involves:

• validating your experience of the trauma
• regaining control over yourself and your environment
• establishing a self-care routine, and putting it into practice 
• managing and alleviating your symptoms
• creating or restoring safety in your environment and in your relationships with others

In cases of interpersonal trauma, such as sexual abuse, childhood abuse, rape, domestic violence, workplace bullying or violent crime, a variety of distressing emotions may follow. These emotions include, but are not limited to: fear, shame, anxiety, feeling worthless or unloveable,  depression, blaming yourself for the abuse. People may also experience feelings of abandonment or low self-worth within relationships. Power dynamics are very important in interpersonal trauma and recovering a sense of personal empowerment is essential to healing. Trauma-focused therapy aims to help people regain this sense of mastery by taking control of their own treatment, and their lives. 

 In trauma therapy, the focus is on:

- creating a sense of safety and stability
- processing emotions and feelings connected to the traumatic event
- exploring the impact of the trauma on one’s self-image
- improving trust within relationships
- discovering the meaning of the traumatic event.

People who have experienced traumatic events often find it very difficult to recall the details or talk about them; they can feel overwhelmed, as if life will never be right again.  However, recovery from a traumatic event is possible. If you have experienced trauma and are in need of help, or if you or someone you know needs immediate support following an assault or rape, please get in touch.

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