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Religious & Spiritual Issues

Religious & Spiritual Issues

Life is full of spiritual challenges. Those who follow formal religions may have periods when they question their faith. Some people may agonise over whether to adopt a new religion. Others may simply wish to explore their spirituality in a way they have never done.

Soul searching is part of the human experience. Sometimes, however, social pressures, discrimination or traumatic events interfere with this natural process. Further difficulties can be experienced by those in religious minorities. They may suffer harassment and discrimination leading to feelings of isolation and hopelessness, or serious illnesses such as depression

Not all spiritual challenges are directly related to our beliefs. Serious illness, accidents and harrowing events can trigger near-death experiences in some people, leaving them feeling alienated and confused.

At Face to Face Therapia,  we can help you through spiritual crises by offering support, understanding and therapies that will allow you to work through and manage difficult feelings.

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