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Self-esteem and Personality Issues

Self-esteem and Personality Issues

From the moment we are born, we begin to perceive our environment, in a cycle of impacts and responses, and try to understand, learn about the world and ourselves. The information we gain through our experiences shape our temperament and behaviours accordingly. Thus, we draw our unique “silhouette” in time. We define a position and internalize our value in the world (in a society, in our family, among our friends or colleagues) and present ourselves to others in a way that gives us a feeling of safe existence.

If the environment is not supportive and positive for the development of a healthy personality, this could result in our building negative schemas in the perception and spectrum of emotions and behaviours. Some examples of these kind of “blind alley” situations are: we may develop an unconscious belief that we are not worth being loved and respected and therefore, we cannot protect our limits so we believe that life is never fair... or it may be the case that we cannot accept our weaknesses and we are afraid to be exposed in this sense, so we try to be more resilient, superior or stronger than the others around us. Sometimes we experience a self-fulfilling prophecy over our lifetime by "not helping ourselves"  and we make the same wrong choices over and over.

Issues regarding our personality are related to the reflections of the experiences we record, especially in the early years of our lives, which get verified by continued similar experiences during adolesence and adulthood. The restructuring of these chronic frames with deep roots in our history is not impossible but needs motivation, time and effort. If you would like to begin a “personality check-up”, or manage attitudes harming yourself or your enviroment, to open your window to the wind of change, please give us a call at Face to Face Therapia.

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