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S. Ece Gündüz Aşıroğlu

S. Ece Gündüz Aşıroğlu

After her graduation from Istanbul High School in 2010, Asiroglu started to study psychology at Boğaziçi University. As an ERASMUS student, she attended Berlin Freie Universität in the fall semester of her third year. She completed her psychology major at Boğaziçi University as the student with the highest weighted overall GPA.

As an undergraduate psychology student, she did her clinical internships in the several major psychiatry hospitals in Istanbul. She entered in the Child and Adolescent Track of Clinical Psychology Master’s Program at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2015. She successfully completed the theory year at the graduate program and worked as a clinical psychologist intern at the Istanbul Bilgi University Psychological Counselling Center where she conducted play therapy sessions with children and talk therapy sessions with adolescents under the individual and group supervisions of Asst. Prof. Elif Gocek, Asst. Prof. Sibel Halfon, Counselling Psychologist Sebnem Imeryuz and Clinical Psychologist Seniz Pamuk.

Currently, she is the project assistant in the childhood trauma study of Asst. Prof. Elif Gocek at Istanbul Bilgi University and works on her master’s thesis. She is interested in Lacanian psychoanalysis and favors psychodynamic oriented talk and play therapy in general. She continues on her trainings focusing on those areas of interests. 

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